Focusing on health and wellness, Susan Gray has been a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with a successful private massage practice in Blue Ash since 1996.

She worked for five years full-time with the pediatric population at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (2007-2011). While at Children’s doing inpatient work she specialized in neurology and neurosurgery patient care. At the Cincinnati Children’s Integrative Care Outpatient Clinic she specialized in children with sensory issues and autism.

Now full-time in her private practice in Blue Ash, she sees both adults and children with a variety of conditions, primarily utilizing massage therapy (including deep tissue massage), lymphatic drainage therapy, and craniosacral therapy.


Susan's Mission

"I want to inspire, support, and empower you on your journey toward health and happiness." —Susan Gray, LMT


Susan's VISION

"We all have it within ourselves to be healthy and happy.  As we understand how the body and the mind are completely integrated, we learn to improve our health. We are each on a journey toward becoming healthier, happier, stronger, and more balanced, mindful people. My goal is to help all of us become more healthy and happy from the inside out." —Susan Gray, LMT

Susan Gray is, by far, the best massage therapist I’ve ever known.
— Don Tassone