What clients say about Susan Gray's massage therapy practice:

I have been a client of Susan’s for almost 15 years. She knows me. She knows my issues. She knows how I carry stress in my body and is able to release it. Massage has been helpful to me in managing and relieving pain for specific injuries as well as helping me control blood pressure and manage stress. I look forward to my monthly massage with Susan; she is an empathetic listener, is truly caring and non-judgmental. Because of her work, therapeutic massage has become an indispensible part of being well for me. I highly recommend Susan and her practice.
— Tom, hypnotherapist, Newport, KY
Susan is a healer, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Over the last ten years she has changed my life.
— Chris Kiradjieff, Westwood
I have been blessed to have Susan in my life as my massage therapist for almost 11 years. She has been a critical enabler to keep me healthy, whole and able to juggle a challenging career, marriage, teenagers, global travel, and many life changes. Susan is a truly gifted healer and has helped me in my quest for prevention and staying limber and healthy. With her help, I am off to walk 60 miles in 3 days for the third time in four years in the 3-day breast cancer walk. Susan is a friend, confidant, and wonderful person.
— Helayne Angelus, Cincinnati
Susan Gray is, by far, the best massage therapist I’ve ever known. Her technical knowledge and skills are superb. But beyond this, she always takes the time to clearly understand my needs and tailor our individual therapy sessions. I’ve been a client of Susan’s for more than five years. Before I began working with her on a regular basis, I needed to see a chiropractor for lower back problems. He would ‘fix’ me, then I would have a relapse and need to go back to see him. Since then, I’ve not only not needed a chiropractor, but my lower back is once again strong and pain-free. I attribute this mainly to Susan’s care.
— Don Tassone
I look forward to my monthly massage with Susan because she listens to what I have going on and targets any specific needs and ALWAYS fixes them. I have not been sick in over 2 years, mainly I think, because of the monthly massage and her helping me to relax, take away the “bad stuff” and focusing on the right areas for me. I would highly recommend Susan and her skills.
— Anne B., Mt. Lookout (client for over five years)