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For example: here's a question from Linda Neff (transferred from my old website):

I am looking for some one that does lymphatic drainage. Have some questions.

1. Where did you do your training?
2. How long have you practiced specifically the lymphatic drainage?
3. What are the most common situations you are providing lymphatic drainage techniques on?

4. What is your most positive quality ?

Thanks. Linda

My answer:

In reply to Linda Neff.

Thanks for your questions, Linda.

1. I have done all of my Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy training at the Upledger Institute. I went to massage school at the Self Health Institute in Lebanon, Ohio.

2. I have practiced Lymphatic Drainage Therapy since 2004. I have been a licensed massage therapist in Ohio since 1996.

3. There is a broad spectrum of conditions and reasons for applying lymphatic work. Probably the most common application is overall health and wellness with a strong focus on the overall lymphatic system. I have used it acutely with addressing pain and swelling immediately following an injury like an ankle sprain or trauma following an auto accident. I applied lymphatic drainage quite frequently when working with patients who were experiencing post surgery pain and discomfort at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Lymphatic drainage therapy can address not only the pain and inflammation resulting from the trauma from surgery but it also can help the body detox and work through the effects of anesthesia. I have used lymphatic work to address anxiety and emotional issues since it is incredibly soothing to the nervous system. More obviously it can be used to help with issues of chronic edema in the limbs. I have used it to help drain sinuses and is especially effective when working with sinus infections and ear infections and even respiratory infections. Lymphatic drainage can help with digestive issues and constipation. I also use lymphatic work regularly to address muscle and fascial restrictions and of course to help with joint pain and inflammation. There are many other uses but this is what comes to mind first when asked about lymphatic drainage therapy.

4. Hmmm…my most positive quality? Well, I do have many years of experience (19 years) in practicing massage therapy and the modalities that I use under my license. I genuinely and completely love the work that I do and the people who I am privileged to get to know, understand and companion along their journey in life. I have gained a deep and profound understanding over the years of how completely the body, mind, spirit and soul are connected and in concert and that they are totally inseparable. I tell people all the time that we are never just working on what we “think” we are working on because the body is so very much a part of every other dimension of us.

Hopefully this provides you with some good information. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

All the very best,